12 May

New horizons

My favourite saying: “a Goal is a dream with an action plan behind it.” I frequently use it during talks. Let me explain.

So what happens when you reach your goals ? Simple, you take your dreams and create new action plans for them. Go bigger next time. There is no such thing as an unrealistic goal. Your action plan was just flawed. Now you need to fix it.

Human nature gives us the ability to learn, especially learn from our mistakes. Make a list of the 10 or less things in your action plan that caused failure. Find out why those things happened. Learn from it. Fix / change your action plan, not your goal. then try again.

You see, you have not failed, you simply followed the wrong plan. Success is in recognizing the faults in the plan and taking corrective action to reach the goal. When you failed, it is merely a temporary setback  that forces you to re-evaluate your action plan, and get back on track.

Everyone measures success differently. For some it is Family, others it is Money or Fame. Whatever your driving force is, you need to plan and execute your plan and you will reach your goal.

I am a big Simpsons fan (helps alleviate stress) and when Homer said “If something is hard, it is not worth doing” I thought to myself, strange how life have a way of always working out. But if you analyse the episodes, the Simpsons family actually follows the same principles. Plan, Failure, Corrective action, Success.

Now if Homer can do it what is your Excuse ?

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