6 May

Time for Change

Ok, so you found me. What now ?

A Wonderful life
A Wonderful life

Well then a bit about myself:

In summary I am a Businessman, Author, Adrenaline Junkie,Telecoms & IT Specialist, Developer, Firearm Lover, Sports Fan, Inventor, Defender of rights, Hater of crime, a Movie Collector and a few others i don’t care to share.

This site is actually more for myself than for you, as it is the summary of my life, detailing my journey through life. Day by day or month by month depending on free time. If you want to know something ask, if you disagree with my views comment and I will debate you to heck and back.

My life is both public and private, so some references will be cryptic and only those close to me will understand. If you don’t, good.

The people I trust with my life I can count on one hand, those I love on two, everyone else don’t really matter. So if you made it onto my hands you will know, if not: tough luck and don’t try. Be yourself, be honest,  be fair and love. You may just make it 🙂

That’s it for now.